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Published on Thu Dec 27, 2007 4:20 pm
Source:  Alsons Corporation/Press Release

Go Green: Conserve Water, Save Money with Fluidics Spray Technology
Unique Spray Dynamics Provide High-Flow Shower Experience Using 36% Less Water

LAS VEGAS, May 8, 2007The trend to go green is omnipresent and a sound choice for both the environment and the homeowner. There are several easy and inexpensive changes homeowners can make in order to save resources, as well as money. One such way is to install a low-flow shower head.

Alsons Corporation, a leading manufacturer of distinctively-styled shower products, is proud to offer patented fluidics spray technology that delivers a reduced, water-saving flow while giving the user a superior shower experience. The fluidics shower heads are available with a 1.85 gallons per minute (gpm) spray, a 1.75 gpm spray and, for a 36 percent water savings over the standard 2.5 gpm, there is a 1.6 gpm spray. Also available is a convenient two-spray unit that allows the user to switch between a water-saving 1.85 gpm and standard 2.5 gpm with the turn of a lever.

The unique spray action gives users the sensation of a high-water flow for a satisfying shower experience, yet with significantly reduced water usage, said John Davies, vice president of sales and marketing, Alsons Corporation.

The fluidics technology in the Alsons shower head features a series of chambers that control the shape, velocity and thermal dynamics of water with no moving internal parts that would wear or need repair. This technology produces larger water droplets that stay hotter longer for a more
saturating, soaking experience. It also delivers water at a higher velocity for a more relaxing, invigorating shower experience, and distributes water that maintains uniform temperatures.

About Alsons Corporation
Founded in 1958, Alsons, a division of Masco Corporation, is a leading manufacturer of distinctively-styled shower heads, hand showers and shower accessories. Today the company offers hundreds of unique choices in the professional trade. Designers, remodelers and consumers may select from hand showers and shower heads in a wide variety of styles, functions and finishes to personalize any bath. An industry leader for 49 years, Alsons Corporation has a reputation for products with unmatched quality and innovative new features. For more information on Alsons Corporation, visit its Web site at www.alsons.com or (800) 421-0001.

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