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Caroma Products Available for Autodesk® Revit® Use Revit to design and visual Caroma products in projects

Published on Wed Mar 17, 2010 6:38 am
Source:  Caroma/Press Release

Caroma Products Available for Autodesk® Revit®
Use Revit to design and visual Caroma products in projects

HILLSBORO, OREGON – February, 2010 – Caroma, the leader in dual flush toilets, urinals, and stylish bathroom sinks, has introduced a new section of the website with AutoDesk Revit files available (.RFA) for all Caroma products.

Revit is a building information modeling tool enabling architects to design and document projects, visualize the appearance, and simulate real-world performance. Architects can review the specifications of Caroma products and place them in a project to ensure the parameters meet the project requirement and the design is appropriate. Revit also makes it easy to try several products in a project by simply removing one product and replacing it with another product. The entire project can be updated at one time.

"As much of the architectural world turns to using Revit as the modeling system of choice, Caroma is aiding this transition,” explains John Karas, Caroma product manager. “Caroma provides architects with comprehensive Revit models of their fixtures so they can easily be added to entire building models. This helps architects gain a more comprehensive graphical and functional understanding of all the elements of their project."

Find out more about Caroma products at or download the Revit files for all products at

About Caroma
Since 1941, Caroma has been a world leader in quality and innovation of bathroom products, continually providing reliable, high efficiency dual flush toilet suites and sinks. With 47 WaterSense labeled toilets, more than any company in the industry, Caroma offers award-winning products that help preserve the world's most valuable resource - water. Combining quality, water-conserving products with superior customer service, Caroma has been chosen by businesses and households worldwide for exceptional performance and stylish design. The company can be contacted by phone at 1 800 605 4218, via email at or on the Web at